Девичий северный головной убор — повязка | Русский костюм

Девичий северный головной убор — повязка

Девичья повязка, заканчивающася лентами, была символом девичьей вольной жизни. После замужества ее сменяли кокошник, платок или кичка.

Из собрания музея Метрополитен в Нью-Йорке.


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  1. — головной убор замужних молодых женщин, шапочка овальной формы из шелка на твердом каркасе с ситцевой подкладкой

  2. — девичий головной убор, узкая полоска металла или материи, охватывающий голову и скреплявшийся на затылке, которым придерживались распущенные волосы или коса

  3. — головной убор замужних молодых женщин, шапочка овальной формы из шелка на твердом каркасе с ситцевой подкладкой

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    • … I personally don’t care about the visual gore at all and often turn it off as a matter of performance. The bad part about killing a person isn’t making outside what was inside, but ending what that person was and was going to be. I’ll agree that excessive gore can add a quasi-pornographic element to the violence, though, but even then it’s only possible given the underlying premise of the game.At any rate, I’ll appeal to the typical line of argument used by sexists about women protagonists in third-person games and say that I’d rather look at pretty, probably-impossible-in-real-life explosions anyday.

    • riktigt fint! Ska strax mÃ¥la vÃ¥ra ekben pÃ¥ likadana stolar till vitt… har funderar fram och tillbaka pÃ¥ svarta eller vita ben men nu när jag sÃ¥g era sÃ¥ blir det vita ben! Dock har vi ett svart bord =)

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    • Sometimes a cry and a yell are what we need to pick ourselves up and keep going. You are taking on SO MUCH right now and your hard work is showing! You’re amazing T. You’ve got the husband thing, the kids thing, the work thing, AND all the extra special projects things that make you the highly motivated super-Mom/Wife I admire so greatly. <3

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    • Lieve Mienke, van harte meid, met deze mijlpaal!! Wat gaat het hard he, ze zeggen dat tijd vliegt… maar het is echt zo!! En, worden wij ouder dan? Nee toch ;)!! Alleen onze kinderen, wij blijven lekker gewoon hetzelfde, ha ha! Ik wens jullie een heel fijne dag toe, en feliciteer die grote knul van jullie maar van me! Lieve groetjes Stefanie

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    • I empathize with the wilderness you are currently in – it may be that you are trying too hard for too much and too soon and as a result missing what is on offer from your therapist -between the lines. My advice is go easy on yourself-continue the journey (putting expectation aside) and you may be surprised by what positives to will begin to receive.

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    • I am extremely happy that a co-signer of all this crap is Uffe Ellemann Jensen (a.k.a. Uffe Halallemann Jensen or Uffe El-Imam Jensen) which ensures that nobody will pay any attention to it. He is a blessing to the anti-jihad movement, but — of course — on an individual level it’s a tragedy to see a former brilliant and witty person decay into senile confusion.

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